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Having the capacity to sell products through the power of words is a critical skill for any business to function and profit from all its hard work. ‘Writing Copy That Sells’ is an inspirational, practical guide to creating words and copy, which will blast away your competition increasing your sales and profits well beyond your expectations. Unlike face to face sales when you are able to judge the facial, and body signs of your customer, to gauge your impact and progression, the written word has to excite your reader’s emotional senses to respond to your directions and eventual action to… buy!  


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Your words have to stimulate the emotions of your readers, painting an urgency to buy your products in their minds, the right use of words should invoke a powerful emotional need…‘I WANT THIS PRODUCT’ and ‘I WANT IT NOW’, and you don’t have long to influence them to do so.

What you will learn from inside this exceptionally detailed book:

  • Learn the rules ALL ‘Professional’ Copywriters know, they are simple and easy to implement!
  • The physiological ‘Triggers’ turning your customers into begging buyers!
  • ‘What’ makes your customers want to buy from only you
  • ‘What’ do we mean by product ‘Benefits’ and ‘Why’ they work
  • ‘Why’ should you never use the words ‘Me’, ‘I’ & ‘We’ in your copy!
  • ‘Why’ should ‘Ego’, ‘Envy’, ‘Greed’, ‘Fear’ etc, be woven into the very fabric of your copy?
  • Learn the truth behind ‘How’ much content you need to write in order to get your customers to part with their cash? One Guru says one thing and another, the opposite… ’Who‘ is right?
  • Discover what the most ‘Powerful’ words are on this planet today, guaranteed to prise money quicker than a speeding bullet from your customer’s hands!
  • Who are ‘Skimmers’ and ‘How’ to overcome this problem!

And much, MUCH, more!


‘Writing Copy That Sells’ will give you the tools to enhance your ability to unleash your very own powerful, cash pulling copy…. “Bad copy can’t sell a brilliant product, but good copy CAN sell anything”!


Get your copy today Click this link…Writing Copy That Sells – The magical Power of Words





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