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Lose Weight Diet For Life is a book that’s be born out of the need to plug a void in the ‘Dieting Industry’. Dieting is responsible for a massive 60 million people dieting in the USA and the UK last year alone, and there’s no sign of this slowing down or stopping anytime soon. The fact is dieting is set to continual well into our distant future. But there’s a hidden problem with dieting that’s been kept under wraps for many years now, it’s this, over 86% will, unfortunately, fail to achieve any real weight loss results, or, they put it all back on at the end of their diet period. Most give up, because the diet starved them into submission, others stopped, because they felt their diet was getting them ‘Nowhere’.

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The truth is, it’s not your fault, or anyone’s fault for that matter, it’s the fault of the dieting books. 99% of diet books only deal with calorie counting, exercise, or healthy recipes, they very rarely address the many other root courses like your genes, health problems, enzyme, or body types, which ALL need specific diets.

They totally miss the mark, forcing their readers to give-in believing the problem lays with them, ‘You are the reason this diet didn’t work’… this is simply not true.

And 99% of ALL diets fail because they never address one of the most important factors in dieting… Preparation’?

Preparation and Knowledge is one of the most important questions, which needs to be answered if you are going to keep on losing and maintaining your weight loss. You wouldn’t embark upon a long trip without first planning your journey. The same goes for burning off and keeping off body fat.

Preparation is so important. If you want to burn off the fat then setting the proper ground work, and building a solid foundation is more important than the diet itself. You are going to be tested throughout your diet.

If you want to burn off the fat then setting the proper ground work, and building a solid foundation is more important than the diet itself. You are going to be tested throughout your diet and if any part of your plan is missing, you are going to fail.

Losing belly fat requires a firm commitment and a footing that will help you over the bumpy and difficult road ahead, not all of us have steadfast wills.

You need to plan and develop your foundation in order to stay the course and succeed.

Diets put a large amount of stress upon the body, this stress can lead to a whole lot of new problems for the dieter to tackle. Your body has its own way of coping with different situations, switching on, or off, different genes and enzymes to try and bring about equilibrium, which may not be to your advantage.

If you are serious and want to lose weight then it’s imperative to start your diet plan the on right footing, forming new habits, throwing away the old, bad ones, but I know that’s easier said, than done.

That’s where my book… ‘Lose Weight Diet For Life’, comes to your assistance, it’s full of ideas, help, advice, and information, to help you establish the right foundations, putting you into a situation where the outcome can only be your SUCCESS.

Based on trial and error over 50yrs in the fitness and bodybuilding game, I have help 1,000’s of people succeed, there’s no need for you to experiment, test, wasting days, or years, trying to figure it out for yourself, all the hard work as been done for you.

‘Lose Weight Diet For Life’, will have you hitting the floor running before you start dieting.  This book is full of weight loss tips, tricks, and advice on preparing the road ahead; it’s a weight loss program like no other, helping you achieve those weight loss goals easily.

The power to turn your life around is only a click away; find out how to build that solid foundation, increasing your chances of losing that ugly, unwanted, body fat, for ‘Ever’!

KNOWLEDGE and PERSISTENCESecret Key to Permanent Weight Loss.

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Sample from Inside this book:

“Managing your weight is not the same as ‘going on a diet’? A diet deals with losing weight and that’s it, you are then left to your own devices.

Managing your weight is a strategy in losing and then controlling your weight at a level you wish to maintain…it’s all about leading a healthier ‘lifestyle’, not just for you, but for those that share your life too! 

There’s no greater reason to diet than for your personal health, your welfare, and for those you love around you.

Those who are overweight understand only too well the risks and the possible price that might result from being overweight.

In that sense, being overweight can be compared to smoking, because the risks don’t always appear quite so cut and dry, until they reach their own turning point when they want to stop.

Whether you’re eating habits were born of an addiction to specific foods, or out of emotional needs, or formed over years of conditioned behaviour.

The fact is things won’t change much until you understand that you need to alter your eating habits, and your lifestyle choices before any success can be achieved.

Dieting for most is nothing more than an endless rapid, flip-flopping, or yoyoing, from one diet to another, with little success.

There is also this ever growing inward desperation that creeps over their confidence, because of their sheer lack of results.

The truth is there are no easy ways to lose weight, and until you decide to forgive yourself and learn from your failures, and get yourself back on the bike after falling off, so to speak, then no diet or weight loss plan is going to be successful.

No diet plan is going to make you lose fat by magic, they can’t make the pounds disappear, because most don’t have a plan, and most leave out the most important ingredients, leading to failure.

And constantly depriving yourself of those things you enjoy to eat most, will only lead to more stress and negative ways. Forcing you to comfort eat and the cycle continues.”

End of sample:


This is an old video and the book cover as been changed since then, I also own the Website.

It’s now your decision to continual on the path you’re on, or, start a bright new future where your dreams and aspirations, can be meet?


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