20 Colouring Tips to Make Your Colouring Shine


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Although I have many ‘Colouring tips’ and suggestions laid out in my colouring books, I’m asked almost daily, “How do I achieve this or that, when colouring in my drawings”. To answer this question I’ve introduced ‘20 simple tips below, answering some of what I think to be the most important questions I’m asked.

It’s important, however, to understand that it takes a lot of experience and time; to achieve the effect you’re after and become a competent colouring star.  The most important thing to remember here is, to practice, and more practice, that will hone and develop your skills in the beginning.

Also, there are many different colouring Medias out there to master, water colouring, wax crayons, paint, and markers, just to name a few, and they all require a higher level of skill. So I have stuck mainly to colouring pencils for now.

Below are 20 tips to help your colouring blossom:

  1. Colour’s like blue, green and purple, have this soothing effect upon the psyche. Using them wisely can help to dramatically chill you out.
  2. Now warm colours like red, orange and yellow, works in the opposite direction to 1 above, more like a stimulant. Use these colours when you want to lighten a bad mood.Pumpin to colour
  3. When you want an inner pick-me-up, use bright colours, you will find them very energizing.
  4. When you find your mind racing after a stressful day, try using ‘Dark’ colours, they have a relaxing energy, and can be used to calm down an overactive mind.
  5. On the other hand ‘Pastels’, or light shades, convey softness helping to soothe the soul.
  6. Get into the habit of placing a piece of paper under the page you are about to colour. This will help stop marker pens from bleeding through to the next page ruining the image. Also, this tip may save you from ruining any pages you may have already coloured.
  7. Also, use a scrap piece of paper to take off the sharp tip after you have sharpened your pencil. If you don’t, then you will lay down more colour, leaving you unable to blend it in with the rest of your colouring scheme. Also, when you first use a pencil after sharpening it, bits tend to break off leaving a mess and ruining your efforts.
  8. It’s always a good idea to make yourself a simple colour chart before you begin to use your marker pens. People get caught out with marker pens, as the colour on the outside of the marker doesn’t always match up with the colour on the inside of the marker.
  9. Don’t try colouring your pages with natural colours. If you feel that the grass is blue instead of green, or the sky is pink instead of blue, then why not go with your inner feeling, enjoy your colouring experience, go with the flow.
  10. When you repeat a colour pattern, you can very often end up with a very pleasant result. Start by working from the center of your image and repeat the same colour patterns on each side of the image… this is a great, fun way to relax when colouring.Couloring pencils
  11. Try combining bold and pastel colours together. For example, if I were to use light colours on a page, and there was part of the image I wanted to stand out, then I would use say, a dark red, blue, or brown, for example… giving that part of the image more impact, helping it stand out.
  12. ‘Crosshatching’ is an interesting technique in, which you take your pencil and make lines in vertical and horizontal strokes, which cross one another. This technique involves short strokes on both parts; this is a great way to achieve a more ‘Uniformed’ look. For an even better effect try using two different colours of coloured pencils when colouring in your book.
  13. Would you like to add some curiosity, glow and energy to your colourings, try layering several different colours simultaneously, but you should be cautious of over saturating your drawing with too many layers of colour, because you can’t remove a layer once it’s been laid down.
  14. Practice using even pencil strokes when colouring, be consistent in the pressure you use, keeping them in the same direction. Using this method will ensure the lines of stroke will be less visible and blending into the other layers of colour.
  15. You should always practice using different pressures of stroke, light, medium, and heavy. This will help you to achieve different depths and tones of colour increasing your skills.
  16. Sometimes the dark outline of a drawing can end up overshadowing your colouring effects. Don’t panic, try using a light coloured pencil to draw out your sketch and then blend the sketch into the layers of colours you apply.hummingbird in flight
  17. To prevent smearing, dark spots, or smudging from fragments of other colours, start by using a separate piece of paper to draw on first, then wipe off the tips of your pencil with a tissue or cloth, before applying the pencil to your drawing.
  18. Coloured pencil can be very hard to remove after applying it to paper. Get some q-tips and bleach, yes you heard that right. Apply it lightly to the surface of the paper to remove marks or stains, it will lift them the moment it’s applied, but be careful, because the paper will be easily torn. Use this method only on white paper, and allow the area to dry before applying any coloured pencil to the surface of the paper.
  19. You can also remove coloured pencil with artist’s tape or scotch tape. Tear off a piece of tape and gently press it down onto the colour you wish to remove. Do be careful when lifting the tape so not to tear the paper.
  20. When you first start, don’t try to be perfect. There are bound to be times when you accidentally colour over the drawings line into the next section. With time this will happen less and less until you have mastered this skill.

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I hope these tips help you achieve the level of skill you are looking for, given time you can and will master these techniques, best of luck with your future endeavours.




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