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How to Write Powerful Creative Content

creative writingHow to Write Articles to Pull in 1000’s of Customers 

All businesses are looking for the edge when it comes to advertising their business, and writing content is an excellent way to achieve just that… it’s known as ‘Article’ writing. Creative Writing & Content Marketing is, unfortunately, a skill many people just don’t have. It’s difficult for most people to come up with fresh new ideas to turn their content into powerful, customer pulling, and impulsive buying visitors. For example, articles can be written for Websites, Blogs, Newsletters, Freelance Writing, and Magazines.

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Writing Copy That Sells

Copy WritingWriting Copy That Sells – The Magical Power of Words

Having the capacity to sell products through the power of words is a critical skill for any business to function and profit from all its hard work. ‘Writing Copy That Sells’ is an inspirational, practical guide to creating words and copy, which will blast away your competition increasing your sales and profits well beyond your expectations. Unlike face to face sales when you are able to judge the facial, and body signs of your customer, to gauge your impact and progression, the written word has to excite your reader’s emotional senses to respond to your directions and eventual action to… buy!  


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