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Is Building a Powerful Physique your main goal for going to the gym. Are you fed-up being fed constant empty promises by those so called ‘Exercise’ experts? Are you fed-up buying ‘How’ to books that just doesn’t stack-up? These people have no real experience, nor have they seen any real results from doing what they are about to tell you what to do… Does reading books or watching DVDs, leave you feeling cold, confused, feeling there is something missing, the part that actually makes muscle grow.

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We know that ‘Building a Powerful Physique’ is not easy, but …Are you doing tons of reps, going to the gym every day, following routines to the letter, and still you can’t see any real results.

Do you think it’s your fault? Just don’t have what it takes to build muscle? Maybe you are doing something wrong? Maybe it’s your diet? You know I hear comments like these every day.

Time and time again people blame their lack of success on themselves, instead of these so called gym Gurus. There are millions of people who are disappointed, dissatisfied, and disillusioned with their time in the gym.

Don’t let this happen to you there is some great information out there, learn from the experiences of those who have lived success.  It’s not impossible to grow muscle, they tell themselves, but it’s being done every day, in gyms all over the world… you just need to learn ‘How’!

Don’t leave it to chance either, get the facts, get the book, ‘Building a Powerful Physique’ and explode your results, don’t just work hard, but work SMART Instead!  Built on over 50 yrs in the bodybuilding game, my experience and those of others will guide you through this fascinating world of bodybuilding.

By downloading this book today you will be entitled to claim your ‘FREE’ copy of my ‘Healthy Recipes Healthy Life’s’ book. It’s crammed full of delicious, mouth-watering recipes, and calorie values, facts about the herbs, fruit, and vegetables used in this recipes… a must have complement to any weight gain plan.

Bodybuilding hasn’t changed much since I started bodybuilding some 50yrs ago. Some of the most to die for, pleasing looking, strong physiques, were back in the 70’s and 80’s. They built massive muscular bodies without the knowledge of today.

They did this, because our bodies are still the same structure today as millions of years ago, and they applied techniques in the right order. People keep trying to reinvent the wheel, but in this case, it’s all been tried before.

Most people have problems trying to build massive muscle that’s because they start off training in the wrong way, expecting, and believing, that by following, and trying to follow others, is the right way to go. Remember that building a muscular physique, is built on science, not half-baked ideas, people’s perceptions, or Myths.

If they could build massive bodies back in the 80’s then ‘Why’ are so many failing today. The main reason is they DON’T build a solid foundation, one that’s able to act as a springboard for the more isolating (advanced) exercises later on in their training.

Find out ‘What’ exercises you should be doing, and ‘Why’ they should figure heavily in your training routines?

Get the facts and learn the truth about bodybuilding. Download your copy ‘Now’ click this link:  ‘Building a Powerful Physique



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