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My Book Supply publishers have over 10 years of experience in the book publishing industry, eBooks and Paperback books alike. Our book Authors have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in their particular fields, making them experts.

Each book as to meet our high-end-quality criteria’s. They are interesting, informative, and educational, making them the best books to read. We are a book suppliers online who use the Amazon platform to deliver our books.

We offer a wide collection of books ranging from…

  • ‘Burning fat’
  • ‘Weight Lose’
  • ‘Weight Control’
  • ‘Bodybuilding’
  • ‘Colouring Books’
  • ‘Celebrity/Popstars/Singer/Bands – Scrap Books’
  • ‘How to Write Content’,
  • ‘Copyrighting’
  • ‘Sudoku’ and ‘Word Search’ puzzle books
  • and much, MUCH more…

Please come back from time to time, we upload new books monthly, also, feel free to browse through My Book Supply store, I hope you find some great books to read.




Below you will find links to 2xFREE’ eBooks my way of saying thanks for visiting my Website…

Healthy recipies



Click this link to download…Free Health Recipe Book




Colouring book



Click this link to download…Free Colouring Book







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